Get involved with UOWN today

UOWN is entirely dependent upon volunteers to accomplish its mission!

Single Day Opportunities

We need volunteers to help us with Monitoring, Outreach, and Education events. Volunteers help us setup, host, or take down our materials and work in staggered shifts of 2 to 3 hours. If you are interested in a single day opportunity, please check out our event calendar and then contact the appropriate committee chair.

Committee Opportunities

Much of the work we do is performed behind-the-scenes in committees.

Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee monitors Athens-Clarke and Oconee County Commissions, providing feedback and commentary on proposed ordinances.  The committee is in need of individuals to undertake one (or more) of the following tasks:

  1. Sign up for and receive email alerts from the Athens-Clarke County Mayor & Commission, Public Utilities, Transportation and Public Works, Zoning, and the Government Operations Committee. Read the emails and report to the committee if any agenda item is related to the watershed, drinking water system, or waste water system. Note: water can be affected by: zoning changes, environmental regulations, permit applications.
  2. Sign up for and receive email alerts from the Oconee County Board of Commissioners, Public Works, Planning and Code Enforcement, and Utility Department. Read the emails and report to committee if any agenda item is related to the watershed, drinking water, or waste water system.
  3. Meet periodically to discuss local legislative agenda item. These meeting might be on short notice until we build up a pattern/structure. Meetings will be quick and concise.
  4. Help formulate and edit statements of opinion on behalf of UOWN.
  5. Have or establish friendly, communicative, and respectful relationships with elected and hired governmental/contracted individuals on local, regional, county, and state levels.
  6. Communicate statements verbally, via mail, email,  in-person, social media to decision making individuals.
  7. Periodically attend public meetings of Athens-Clarke County or Oconee County departments to observe and/or provide comment.